Second Blood

Directed by
Fawzi Al-Khatib

Produced by
Mohammed AlSayed
Mehdi Boushahri
Mohamed Al Mubarak

Written by
Shehab Al-Fadhli
Fayez Hussein Ali

Abdulhadi Al-Khayat
Ranaa Ghandour
Khaled Al-Buraiki
Mojeb Al-Qabandi

Music by
Ibrahim Al-Mazeedi

Ramadhan Nakad

Edited by
Ahmad Abdullah Alkhudari


Jabara Media Group

Distributed by
Jabara Media Group

Release date

November 27, 2016 (2016-11-27)



Second Blood is a 2016 Kuwaiti action film, directed by Fawzi Al-Khatib, and written by Shehab Al-Fadhli and Fayez Hussein Ali. The film stars bodybuilding champion Abdulhadi Al-Khayat, Ranaa Ghandour, Khaled Al-Buraiki and Mojeb Al-Qabandi.
Al-Khayat, in his movie debut, plays the lead character Yousef Rambu—an ex-member of the Kuwait Army Forces with a troubled past.[1][2][3] He is sent to rescue political prisoners from a forgotten Asian island. Second Blood, which is inspired by Rambo franchise, premiered on November 27, 2016.[4][5]


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Yousef Rambu (Al-Khayat) is an exceptionally well-trained spy and a former commando. As a member of the Kuwait Army Forces he had been captured behind enemy lines during one of his missions. Imprisoned by a Chinese intelligence agency, Rambu was subjected to brutal forms of torture for months which rendered him resistant to pain. Rambu’s superiors send him to the jungles of a forgotten Asian island where influential politicians are being held captive by terrorists. Rambu’s mission is to save them.

Abdulhadi Al-Khayat as Yousef Rambu
Ranaa Ghandour as Monira Rambu
Khaled Al-Buraiki as Bader
Mojeb Al-Qabandi as General Mughni
Massouma as Female interrogator

In November 2015 it was reported that independent production company from Kuwait, Jabara Media Group, was developing an action movie which would share resemblances with American classics—First Blood (1982) and Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985). As indicated, Kuwaiti bodybuilding champion, police officer and real-life commando Abdulhadi Al-Khayat signed a contract to play Yousef Rambu, “an ex-member of the Kuwait Army Forces, an exceptionally tough and courageous man.”[6] Hailed as a Kuwaiti answer to John Rambo, Rambu shares a lot of common characteristics with the American movie icon.[7] Al-Khayat’s appearance in S